Javascript Map()

Map – object that stores key:value pairs (can be objects, primitive values, or combo of the two) Creates an empty Map const employee = new Map(); Adds key:value pair .set(); if the key already exists, it will overwrite the existing key:value pair employee.set(‘’, { firstName: ‘James’, lastName: ‘Parkes’, role: ‘Content Developer’ }); Deletes a key:value […]

Javascript Set()

Creates an empty set: const games = new Set(); Creates a set from a list of values: const games = new Set([‘Super Mario Bros’, ‘Mario Kart’]); Adds an item to a set. Returns the set if add is successful: games.add(‘Banjo-Tooie’); Deletes an item from a set. Returns a boolean depending on result: games.delete(‘Super Mario Bros’); […]

Getting Back On Track

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything, probably because I had a lot going on lately and, quite honestly, just slacking off a bit.  Ok, a lot.  I have to get things back on track. I have been taking front-end development courses over at Udacity (if you’d like to sign up for courses, […]

Interactive Resume Project

I published an Interactive Resume that is one of the projects that I was working on while taking courses over at Udacity. It was developed while learning the basics of CSS3, Javascript and JQuery. Mike’s Interactive Resume Udacity’s Front End Web Development Nanodegree The projects source files on GitHub